Sunday, September 7, 2008

Think about it!!!!

This semester has started out really well. We have been discussing the sustainable ethic and its implications for the future of the earth. I know sometimes these things seem so far removed from you personally so..... I want you to return to my website and go to notes. Then click on ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT on Jan9th or 10th date depending on your class. Take the quiz you find there and post your score along with any recommendations it makes back here on the blog. In your response discuss WHY you think you think you received the score you did. Base your answer on things we have discussed in class or just ask a question that you have had.  After posting your ideas please respond to two other posts you have read with a question or comment. I am looking forward to reading your ideas.
Ms. Stripling


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daiquez dennis said...

ahmad said:
mine said it would take 2.9 earths to support what i do. i don't see that as that bad compared to some of theses others that have way more than me. mine is only that high because it say i should eat less meat. for me that is very hard because i would starve to death without eating meats. it also said that i would need to not drive as much. that is hard to do when you have to go to work or have important things to do through out the day. trying to get public transportation would also be way to hard considering that i live in the city and there would not even be any close to me.

I think yours was good compared to most people because you only need 2.9 earths when other people need like 6+

Unknown said...

I had Scored a 2.9 earths which is supposedly a good score from what i have gathered thus far, but how "good" is it. well although in relativity its good, its still 1.9 more earths than we have which is by no means a good thing, personally i recycle when i can and try to do my part, sadly i'm only 1 person, and not everyone is like me some are worse and some are better but i believe the bad apples outshine those who try and that spells bad things for earth and its creatures in the future, i leave with this, if you feel as though recycling is to much work start small and find your comfort zone start with a small waste basket and fill it full of plastic practically every trash dump has a recycling area

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